Your air quality matters. Poor air quality is easily remedied through the use of mechanical ventilation, and we can offer a wide range of solutions to suit your needs. These systems are installed to a high standard, and full commissioning checks will provide you with peace of mind knowing that your system is working well.

Our primary ventilation services

Offering an in-depth fault diagnostic service, we can give you a comprehensive guide on how to improve and refresh your air conditioning systems.

Design and Installation Service

We provide detailed installation designs provided to meet exact specifications. We can also advise you on alternative approaches to save money and improve quality.

Extraction focused systems

Extract air can be a great solution for removing pollutants from your work space. We have ventilation solutions that we can tailor to your problem to produce a fresher work environment.

Airflow regulation focused systems

Supply air can be provided in a number of ways, and is best used in conjunction with an extract ventilation system to produce a cycle of fresh air being brought in, and old air being taken out.

Complete air quality solutions

Air handling units can be designed to provide extract and supply air, as well as temperature and humidity control. These systems can be modular so you can pick and choose your features!

Strictly operated with no Subcontracting

We are proud of our work, and believe that every job deserves the same level of commitment. That is why we only use our own staff to install and commission our products to maintain our high standards.

Dust extraction

Dust extraction can be achieved with a number of methods and are usually referred to as LEV. We can offer a range of products to meet your requirements as well as provide testing on this equipment.

Optimum performance from Kingspan Koolduct

Kingspan Koolduct is a fantastic product that we have been using for over 20 years to provide a cheaper and more effective solution than traditional steel ductwork. It has lower air leakage rates as well as better insulation properties and is fantastic for moving warm and cool air throughout a building.


It is formed from a rigid insulation material and backed with a foil on the inside and out. We cut and shape this ductwork so that when we arrive on site all there is to do is seal it and bolt it together, saving you time and money.

COVID and ventilation

Along with a cleaning regime and social distancing, ventilation should be considered as part of making your workplace or indoor public space more COVID-secure. The risk is greater in areas that are poorly ventilated.


Natural ventilation is best, but not always possible, adequate or warm enough!


You should assess the requirement for mechanical ventilation and also the performance of any existing ventilation systems. This may require expert help as ventilation design can be specific to the setting, and in some existing and older buildings, ventilation systems may not have been designed to meet current standards.


Existing ventilation systems should be set to using a fresh air supply and not recirculating indoor air, where possible.


It is also important to make sure mechanical ventilation systems are maintained in line with manufacturers’ instructions.


Where it is not possible to maintain adequate ventilation, though natural or mechanical means, you can use local air cleaning and filtration units to reduce airborne transmission of aerosols. These are UVC and filtered systems.


Please get in touch if you want a free assessment or quotation for any ventilation needs.


More information about COVID and ventilation can be found at HSE.

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Call our Engineers:
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