Your work environment needs to be comfortable, and it needs to be safe for you and your colleagues. We will be able to assist you at every stage to provide a ventilation plan that meets this criteria while keeping your running costs low. We know that the commercial sector needs to keep costs down, so we can offer a wide range of products to best suit your needs. The better the design, the less headaches you will get from units failing early in their mechanical life.


We have worked with a wide range of heating and ventilation manufacturers, and are familiar with their control systems. This experience helps us to quickly identify issues and resolve them for your peace of mind.


  • Thorough services to reduce breakdowns
  • Advice on meeting air quality regulations
  • All ventilation and air conditioning units serviced

Maintenance service

Service and maintenance of your air conditioning and ventilation systems will reduce the risk of system failure and reduce running costs. Thorough service plans available, as well as reliable troubleshooting and repairs from our skilled engineers.

refrigerated store displays

We can supply and install a comprehensive range of chilled storage solutions for stock display or storage. We only supply high quality products to reduce on breakdowns and energy costs. We also offer a collection and disposal service for redundant and faulty equipment.

Dust extract systems

We can offer a range of extraction equipment to manage all forms of air pollution. Portable and mobile units for basic processes and down draught benches to provide spot extraction for basic activities. We also offer a design service for more complex, fixed location requirements.

Meeting Building Regulations

Ventilation requirements are specified by part B and part F of the building regulations.  Part B covers fire safety within buildings and is an important factor to consider during our design. This ensures that if a fire occurs our systems will not spread the fire and fumes. Part F sets out guidance for the airflow rates of buildings. Rooms have particular requirements for their airflow depending on their purpose, occupancy and size. We can provide a quote to meet the specification or produce one for you if required.

Temperature Control

Through the use of highly efficient air conditioning and heat pump systems. In order to comply with the safety at work regulations you need a reasonable safe working temperature for your staff, while your products and machinery need them for safe storage too! We can install and service the equipment to handle it as efficiently as possible to keep your running costs low.

Canopy installations and cleaning services

A clean canopy is a key component to any hygiene inspections. They can get very greasy which can lead to the ventilation system failing, or even worse a kitchen fire. We can provide an in depth cleaning service using degreasing chemicals and then test the safety systems to ensure they are working correctly.

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Call our Engineers:
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